Episode 32: Speculative Fiction with JD Jordan

Displaying jdjordan_coverphotoshoot.jpgFor the second week of Genre July, Austin and I are joined by JD Jordan, author of Calamity, to discuss one of genres that is most near and dear to the hearts of these two geeks: Speculative fiction.


Calamity is a sci-fi/western genre mashup origin story of Calamity Jane and her gunslinging green friend. Best read with a Southern Missouri accent in mind, its a fun ride through some of the most fertile story telling ground this side of the Mississippi as Jane comes into her own as one of the most feared outlaws in the Wild Wild West.


Get a free sample chapter, reviews, a companion story, book club resources, a guide to Jane’s notorious saddle slang, and more at o-jd.com.


Calamity is available anywhere books are sold. You can get it from amazon here.

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Episode 31: Women’s Fiction with Ricki Schultz

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This month is officially “Genre July” and we’re pumped to have Ricki Schultz, author of Mr. Right-Swipe, join us to talk about one of the most popular genres in the market today: Women’s Fiction.

Mr. Right-Swipe is the story of a teacher, with more sarcasm and wit than Austin and I put together,  who is coerced by her best friends into using the latest dating app to find love. Its a fun mix of romantic cynicism and hope, wrapped in the the trappings of the world of online dating. You can get a sense of Ricki’s style and tone in this interview for Bustle Magazine.

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And for listeners of this podcast (and everyone else with a credit card), the ebook is on sale so make sure to grab a copy before July 10th!


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Episode 26: Sing me a Song! With Jameson Elder

The swan song for our May series on alternative methods of storytelling is brought to you by our good friend, and creator of the Podcast’s theme song, Jameson Elder. Together we’re talking about how the process for songwriting is similar to, and differs from, the novels and screenplays that Austin and I write.

And be sure to check out Jameson’s work on iTunes, Spotify, or at http://www.JamesonElder.com.

(Also, we know its no longer May, but we’re pulling double duty today to make up for our missed episode earlier in the month because we’re just nice guys like that. Enjoy!)

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Episode 25: Storytelling in Video Games

After a brief hiatus caused by the craziness of life, we’re back and talking about a genre that is near and dear to our hearts: video games.

Whether that is through the action of a shooter, the narrative elements of an RPG, or the endless possibilities of an open world MMO, players are draw in by many of the same things that hook a reader, and Austin and I hope we can figure out how to apply some of the lessons to our own writing.

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Episode 23: Off The Page – Table Top Gaming

Stories aren’t limited to books and movies, and during the month of May we’re going to dive into a few other mediums to see what we can learn.

This week, we’re talking to Seth Owings, who’s been coordinating D&D campaigns for several years now. Seth tells us about some of the ways he keeps players immersed in the game, avoids leaving new players lost and disheartened, and brings the stories to life.

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